Welcome to Holy Family Parish, Nazareth, PA

Cemetery Information

HOLY FAMILY PARISH CEMETERY, being a Catholic cemetery, is a sacred place of honor and respect for those who have died. It is a memorial to all who are interred there. It is a sacred place where Catholics come to express their grief and hope in the resurrection for their loved ones who have preceded them in death. It is blessed ground, fitting for someone whose body was a temple of the Holy Spirit on earth and now awaits the resurrection from the dead. At Holy Family Cemetery we offer the following options for interment of your loved ones.

Graves: Interment in a grave remains the most widely used form of burial. Graves are generally of two types, either permitting a lawn level marker, or permitting a raised family monument. All cemeteries are sectioned for aesthetic, operational and maintenance reasons. Lawn level marker graves or upright family monuments are the most commonly selected graves.

Crypts/Niches: Crypts/Niches are available for above ground burial either in interior or exterior settings. The first mausoleum was built in 353 BC for King Mausolus, from whose name the word "mausoleum" was derived. Scripture tells us, that Joseph of Arimathea "went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. He then took it down, wrapped it in a shroud and put him in a tomb which was hewn in stone in which no one had yet been laid" (Luke 23:52-54). Throughout the Church's history, mausoleum-style entombment has been utilized. Early Christians were buried in the catacombs.

Please call the Parish Office  for more information about the Mausoleum, the Columbarium Wall or a Grave Site. Holy Family Cemetery is located north of the Church on High St. Go north on Forest Dr. and left on High St.