Ministry Schedule

Lector Schedule - September 2020 through January 2021



Effective immediately there will be a new procedure for Lectors at Mass. 

We thank you for your continued patience these past few weeks as we made changes to the responsibility of the lectors.

Lectors are now responsible for:

Reading the Welcome and Introduction at the beginning of mass.
Reading both the 1st and 2nd reading. (between the 2 readings you may sit in the chair behind you)
Reading the Universal Prayer when the Deacon is not present. (after homily priest returns to his chair and we recite the creed. The Univ. Prayer directly follows the creed)
Reading the announcements at the end of mass. The announcements used to be read right after communion before the final blessing. Effective this weekend, the announcements will be read AFTER the final blessing. This weekend we are going to begin receiving communion at the regular time. After communion, the priest will return to his chair. He will say the final blessing and then you will read the announcements. The announcements will be followed by the St. Michael the Archangel Prayer.
The Welcome/Introduction, the Universal Prayer, the announcements and the St. Michael prayer are all in a green binder which will be in the sacristy. Therefore, before mass begins, you should go to the sacristy and get the Lectionary and the binder. This will give you a chance to read over all of the items mentioned above. You can then bring the Lectionary and the green binder to the lectern that you read from. 

Again, thank you for your helpfulness and patience as we make changes. You are all doing a great job!