Welcome to Holy Family Parish, Nazareth, PA

Ministry Schedule

Ministry Schedule June through September 2021

Altar Server Retraining

We will be holding retraining sessions for our active altar servers over the summer.  It has been a long time since they have served and we would like to provide a refresher course as well as to include some training on new items that have arisen during COVID.  Deacon Tom Ely assisted by one of our priests will be conducting the training.  Please click on the link provided to sign up for just one of the one hour time slots:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B054AACAE2DA7F94-altar1

Updated Procedures for Lectors

  1. We will resume with 2 lectors at each weekend Mass. (For some reason, if there is only 1 lector, please stay on the altar between readings.)
  2. 1st lector will read the opening/welcome and stay on the altar until the 1st 1st lector will not walk in the procession.
  3. After the 2nd reading, the 2nd lector should close the Lectionary and place it on the shelf underneath. Deacon will now bring up the Book of the Gospels from which he will read the Gospel. (new)
  4. 2nd lector will bring up the Book of Intentions at the offertory and place on the credence table (same as in the past) even though bringing up of the gifts is still suspended.
  5. 2nd lector will read the announcements at the end of Mass and then join in the recession.
  6. Sign-in sheets will be located on the small desk with the hand sanitizer stationed closest to the ambo (where the reading and gospel are read). The Lectionary and the Mass binder will be located on the ambo for you to look over.

Updated Procedures for Extraordinary Ministers of Communion


  1. The Sign-in book will be located on the small desk with the hand sanitizer in the front of the Ambo (where the readings and gospel are read).
  2. When to come up?

After the Kiss of Peace, put on your Mask.

Come up and sanitize your hand at one of the small desks.

  1. During communion, please hand sanitize after each communion that is received on the tongue.
  2. A Deacon will be at every Mass to set up and will purify the Vessels after mass. Extra-ordinary Minister will no longer have this responsibility.


  1. Before Mass, bring your PYX up to the Credence Table.
  2. Small Post-it Notes will be there. Write the number of host needed and leave next to PYX.
  3. Leave the PYX on the Credence Table. This will be brought over by the Deacon.
  4. When to come forward?
    1. Once the Tabernacle Closes.
    2. Come up the first set of steps & stand on the rug, facing the Altar.
    3. Father and the Deacon will bring down your PYX to you
    4. Father will give you a Blessing.
    5. Once you receive your Blessing, bow to the Tabernacle
    6. Leave the Church immediately. Family members may leave with you at this time.